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Born of Beauvais in Picardie, a region of France more famous for Beetroot fields and burning Joan of Arc than its banging beats, Sebastien Jean, AKA BLOODY DISCO was the archetypal cool kid , Guitarist in hardcore metal band ‘Ground Zero’, he worked in a skate shop and record store, before shunning the traditional path of uni and the 9-5 to take up the trade of Metallurgy, and DJing. After scoring residency at Divan Du monde Paris, and other gigs around Europe, including the infamous Bangkok party, Club 8, he left the hated metallurgy behind - but it’s not hard to imagine that all that heavy grinding and clanging has had some influence his hard, distorted electro sets. Being an electro DJ from France, comparisons to artists such as Justice and the EdBanger or Institubes rosters are understandable – but his lashing remixes, and original tracks produced both as Bloody Disco, and ambient side project ‘Electric Dreams’, indicate a range and musicianship that makes Bloody Disco a force to be reckoned with in his own right. Though he regularly returns to Europe, Bloody Disco has called Australia home since arriving in mid 2008, and has been killing dancefloors at Sydney’s leading clubs, including Candys Apartment, Oxford Arts Factory and Chinese Laundry. Seen playing alongside heavyweights such as BOYS NOIZE , D.I.M , LA RIOTS , JOKERS OF THE SCENE , BREAKBOT , STEREOHEROES , VAN SHE TECH and many more Bloody Disco has forged a reputation within the undergroun...

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