"...//orangenoise’s trademark sound ensured that at the very least, their uniqueness would placate interested ears. Marrying Ride with The Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine with Tool, //orangenoise make music that extends beyond a static understanding of shoegaze – it is born of psychedelia as much as it is born of noise; it is born of texture and post-rock as much as it is born out of a need to write good rock songs. A Journey to the Heart of Matter however has //orangenoise stepping patently away from their work on Veracious. This time around there seems to be a greater focus on songwriting than on noise and soundscapes, though that’s not to say that those wonderful ideas have been ignored. Where Veracious was more in love with its psychedelia, A Journey to the Heart of Matter is more enamoured with the structure of the songs themselves and the ability to restrain them. ‘Getaway’ is this process working at its best – sonically the song seems at the precipice of losing itself in a vortex of cacophony, but the song’s structure is consistently present, reigning in every attempt to break away." - Border Movement www.bordermovement.com/orangenoise-a-journey-to-the-heart-of-matter/ //orangenoise's debut EP //veracious :: http://orangenoise.bandcamp.com/album/veracious " //orangenoise is an impressive four-piece from Karachi, Pakistan consisting of musicians Talha Asim Wynne (guitar, vocals), Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey (bass, vocals), Danial Hyatt (drums)...

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